Saturday, June 22, 2013

Before Jonathan opened his call, everybody got two guesses as to where they thought he would go on his mission.  All guesses were pinned onto this wall map.  Nobody, but nobody guessed it!!!

Here is a very happy Jonathan with his unopened mission call letter.

He is still very happy here in full figure with his still unopened letter from President Monson.

 The drama.  Here is Jonathan opening the envelope.

It's a good thing this map of his mission was included in his packet.  Otherwise, no one would have known where the Adriatic South Mission was in the world.  It is very clear that Jonathan is a very happy future missionary.

There is our future missionary pointing towards his mission. We're so proud of you!

And here is cousin Kessia Robinson , rm from Sweden, and Carin (our adopted cousin) studying Jonathan's packet which James is very happy to hold.

The three amigos: James, Jonathan, and Nephi

Future Elder Hald, with little sister Emma, holding his letter from President Monson.

Elder Hald and Mom (Mor in Danish)

Some of Elder Hald's friends and family on the night he opened his mission call.
This is in his BYU student dorm.

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