Friday, July 19, 2013

Elder Hald would love to get letters.  He only has a few minutes once a week at the MTC to read and write emails, so it is better that you write REAL letters to him because he can read those every day.
Here is his address:
Elder Jonathan M. H. Hald
2023 N. 900 E Unit 815
Provo, UT  84602

Elder Hald's 2nd Week at the MTC, Provo, Utah

Elder Hald and his companion, Elder Allgaier

The Book of Mormon in Albanian.  I think I actually recognize the word for Christ, but that's it.  Anybody recognize anything else?

Elder Hald with his friend from high school, Elder Acheson.  They do look like cousins!

Here is Elder Hald's letter this week:
Dear family and friends
I finished my second week here yesterday. I just keeps getting better and better. The language is still crazy hard, but I have learned a lot. I am having a blast teaching in albanian. It is really hard, but I feel the spirit helping whenever I am at a loss of words. I am loving my district. I forgot to say that the name of my companion is Elder Allgaier. He is an amazing elder. He is really good at making people laugh. He is our district leader. Elder Acheson is the district leader for the other district.
I found out that one of my teachers is friends with sister Leit. The sister missionary that went to my mission and came back like a year or so.
It is kind of crazy because tonight my companion and I are doing TRC in Albanian! after that we are teaching 2 times the next day and then 1 more time the day after that. Also all of these lessons we cannot use our notebooks. we have to do it all from what we know in our heads. So basically, it will be very interesting.
My testimony has grown a lot this week. I am feel empowered from on high. the tender mercies of the Lord flows like a river into my heart. The veil is very thin when you are on a mission. I never feel alone. I know that I am surrounded by guardian angels every day. I testify that when you are serving the Lord, His angels will be on your right and left side guiding and protecting you from evil. When you put Him first, He will put you first also. If you draw nearer to Him, He will draw nearer to you. I cannot refrain from weeping of joy. His love and influence is too great. My Savior is my Master and only to Him will I obey. I hope that all of you can feel God's infinite love for you. If not, I will testify to you that He loves you. Seek Him if you feel He is far because He is never far away. He waits for us to let Him into our lives. His kindness shall never depart from thee.
Keep the faith. fight a good fight. never surrender to anything less than godliness.
I say these things in the sacred name of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Jonathan Hald

Elder Hald's 1st Week at the MTC in Provo, Utah

Elder Hald with his district his first week at the MTC

More of Elder Hald and his district his first week at the MTC

Try to pronounce that! 

THIS is the real last goodbye of Elder Hald

So as I was saying, here we thought we had seen the last of Elder Hald for two years, and then we drove around the building to leave the MTC.  And there right next to us on the sidewalk was our own dear Elder Hald, albeit this time he had received his name badge. What a blessing to see our own happy Elder Hald for one last time, totally unexpected.

Dropping Elder Hald off at the Provo West MTC, July 3rd.  Elder Hald actually lived in those apartments during his Fall and Winter semester at BYU, but now everything is changed.  The Spirit was so strong.  It was very clear that these were not BYU college dorms anymore. As we drove into the MTC to drop Elder Hald off at the curb, we were greeted by missionaries lined up on both sides of the parking lot, and they all actually clapped when we drove in.  The actual missionary who was Elder Hald's guide, was an Elder Woodruff, and, yes, he is the great, great grandson of President Woodruff. So here we wave goodbye to our firstborn, and brother thinking that we wouldn't see him for two years, BUT we were wrong!!!!!  See next post!