Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 6, August 15th, 2013

My dear Family and Friends
This week has been wonderful. I feel like I have learned so much. I have just had the opportunity to go to the temple with my district and see the new temple film. It was a great experience. The language is coming along, but is this a challenge. Last Tuesday devotional Elder Richard G Scott came and spoke to us. He shared a wonderful and powerful message about prayer. He also left us with a apostolic blessing that "you will receive the gift of tongues according to your faith".  I testimony grew a lot from the impressions I received during that talk. Also I have seen the Lord's hand working in my district. I have been praying since my called as a district leader with help from on high of how to make the elders in my district more focused on the spiritual aspect of a mission. My prayers were answered and it is a night to day difference in how the elders act. It was a great faith builder for me that Heavenly Father would answer my prayer in such a miraculous way. I am grateful for all the support I receive from you all. I feel your prayers help me. 
I only have 3 more weeks till I leave to go to Albania. I feel ready to go there now, but I know that the Lord needs me in the MTC for 3 more weeks. I am grateful for the MTC. I have learned so many wonderful things here. I am grateful for all the Tender Mercies my Heavenly Father has giving me. I will share one of them. So I have been really sick this week. I felt as if I was going to drop. I was constantly praying. A few nights ago it got so bad that I thought I would need to go to the hospital. However, I knew that I was suppose to be a the MTC for the whole time so I asked for a blessing from some of the elders in my district. They gave me a blessing and I felt the pure power flow through me and invigorate and heal me as the blessing was given. I also received revelation for my district during that blessing. I saw and heard things that are too sacred to write. However, the Spirit told me to share a few parts with my district. So after my blessing I stood up with new strength and the spirit burning within me and I testified of the things that the spirit would have me say. It was a very tender moment for us all. Right after I was done an elder came up to me and embraced me and said "thank you. That was the thing I needed". 
I am at a loss of words. I wish I could even express a fraction of my feelings. I rejoice in my Savior. I rejoice in the book of Mormon. What a wonderful book that is.I delight in everything from the Book of Mormon. I testify that Heavenly Father always hears your prayers. I testify that He will NEVER abandon you. Pray to your divine Father in heaven. He wishes to speak with you. May we never stop praying. May we never stop returning to our Savior and repenting. You should not fear repentance. Repentance is hope. Never think that you are too far from the saving grace of the Atonement. It is infinite. Use the divine gift given to us from our creator. May we always follow the good Shepherd. "Keep the faith. Fight a good fight". I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Jonathan Hald

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